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What are the Differences between the Gold Coins on the Market?

What are the Differences between the Gold Coins on the Market?

Buying gold coins has long been considered a smart thing to do with your money. It presents pretty much no risk, and there’s always the chance that you end up with something that could be very valuable in the years to come. Gold Coins are VAT FREE so will save you a large amount of money when making your investment as well.

There are plenty of gold coins on the market, and they have their differences. In this blog post, we’ll explain everything you need to know about the different coins available to buy:

Bullion Coins

Firstly, we have the most popular type of gold coin out there; the bullion coin. The value of these coins is determined by two different things. Firstly, the gold content. Secondly, a premium dictated by market conditions. In essence, the higher the gold content, the more expensive and valuable these coins will be. 

We sell this type of coin on our site, including the most popular forms such as the Sovereign, the Britannia, the Krugerrand and the Canadian Maple Leaf. It’s a popular investment choice for many people because these coins are far easier to store than bullion bars, and they present an excellent opportunity for profits in the future. An even greater benefit is that the Sovereign and Britannia coins are Capital Gains Tax Free in the UK, meaning you keep all of the profit that you make on these investments when you decide to sell.

Rare Coins (Numismatic)

Next, we have rare gold coins - often referred to as numismatic coins. These coins are not priced based on their gold content. Instead, it’s more about how rare they are. Other things that come into play involve the condition of the coin, the uniqueness of the design, and when it was minted. 

These are a good option for collectors but can be hard to make a profit on for investors that are looking to trade gold. The more popular a coin is, the more expensive it tends to be as well. The best thing to do if you have one of these coins is to hold onto it until it becomes super rare. 

Commemorative Coins

Finally, we have commemorative coins. These are special coins that are normally released during particular events to commemorate something. Their value is partially determined by the gold content along with how rare these coins are. 

This type of gold coin is probably the worst you can buy. While you’d assume that commemorative coins are rare, they can be far more common than some of the other rare gold coins out there. What’s more, it’s not likely that much gold will be used when making these coins, so their resale value is poor. 

In Summary

So, to sum up, you have three main types of gold coin on the market; bullion coins, numismatic, and commemorative. Bullion coins are valued mainly on the gold content in them, while numismatic ones are more to do with rarity, and commemorative is a combination of the two. 

If you’re looking to buy gold, then we believe bullion coins are your best bet. They present the best opportunity for investors that want to make money by trading gold, and are VAT Free and in the case of Sovereigns and Britannia coins are also Capital Gains Tax Free. We currently sell some of the most sought-after and popular gold coins on the market right now. So, visit to check out our gold coins. 

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