Friday, 14 December 2018

6 Unique Christmas Gift Ideas For Your Loved Ones

It is that magical time of the year when family and friends enjoy time together. It is that time of the year when you let your loved ones know how much you love them. If you are looking for Christmas Gift Ideas, you are at the right place. 

We have handpicked unique gift ideas online that are valuable, collectible and have investment value. 

The Christmas Silver Six Pence

Xmas is the best time to let your child or grandchild find a piece of lucky charm hidden in his pudding! Carry out the age old Christmas tradition and let the kids in your family know about the custom. You can hide this Christmas six pence in their helping. It is struck in silver and finished to brilliant uncirculated standard. Free delivery option available.

2018 Colourised 1oz Silver Maple Leaf Coin - Merry Christmas

Gift this beautiful colourisation of the 2018 Canadian Maple Leaf 1oz Silver Bullion Coin to your loved ones. This variation shows a traditional Christmas stocking overflowing with gifts and treats. Limited Mintage of only 2018 coins made, comes with certificate card and pouch. Free delivery option available.

More such Christmas silver coins are available to choose from. Another variation shows a midnight scene of a house covered in snow with a Christmas tree. And yet variation shows a midnight scene of Santa Claus in his sledge with his reindeer silhouetted by the moon. Get free secure storage for one year on all your purchases through the website. Simply select the 'Storage' option at the checkout while placing the order.

Gold, Diamond, Gemstones Jewellery

Looking for the Xmas gifts for her? Nothing is better than showing your love to that special someone through a gold, diamond or gemstones jewellery item. From diamonds, sapphire to topaz rings and necklaces are available online. At Bullion For Less, you can get Custom made jewellery too.

Montblanc Automatic Wrist Watch

Looking for Christmas gifts for him? This Montblanc stainless steel men's luxury watch with round black face is an ideal gift for your man. Finding a gift for guys is not a difficult thing anymore.

Superhero Themed Silver Coins

If your child is a marvel fan, you don't have to think twice to gift him Marvel Comic themed silver coins this Christmas. The 2018 1oz Deadpool Silver Bullion Coin is the fifth in a series of Marvel Comic-themed coins to be released. The first coin in the series was the 2017 Spiderman, second coin was the 2018 Thor, Third was the 2018 Black Panther and the fourth was the 2018 Iron Man. These coins are a product of the Perth mint in Australia. The obverse side of 2018 Tuvalu Deadpool Silver Coins includes the effigy of Queen Elizabeth II.

1876 20 Franc Gold Angel Coin

Give blessings of an Angel to your loved one this Xmas with this 1876 20 Franc Gold Angel Coin. It’s VAT free and free delivery option is also available. Gold bullion coins are not just great gift ideas but also a form of investment that will be remembered by the receiver forever. 

Explore and buy gold bullion at Bullion For Less.

Wednesday, 21 November 2018

Complete Guide To Investing In Gold

Gold has been considered precious since ages. Its availability is rare that makes it precious and the most desirable metal. Benefits of investing in Gold are many. If you have invested in gold, during the times of economic uncertainty, it comes handy as insurance. This makes gold bullion a must-have in your investment portfolio. If you are planning to invest in gold, we will guide you through.

Why to Invest in Gold

Gold bullion coins are highly collectible and are passed down the generations. Gold is easy to buy and sell. It can be traded in any country in the world. This precious metal has high liquidity, low volatility and low risk, thus making Gold the most preferred investment option for a balanced portfolio. 

Your money is safe in this yellow metal as gold bullion will have its worth even in the times of trouble. You can totally depend on your gold investment when other investments are not giving good return, be it property or stocks.

Investment grade Gold is VAT Free. The EU Gold Directive of 2000 means that buying investment-grade gold bullion for investment is stamp-duty free and tax free (VAT exempt) in the UK and EU.

Capital Gains Tax is exempt on all British legal currency. This includes gold Britannia coins, silver Britannia coins and gold Sovereigns. Meaning, you can make an unlimited tax free profit on investments of any size and value on all these British legal currency bullion coins. CGT is payable on all other gold and silver coins which do not fall into the category and all gold and silver bullion bars are taxable.

Where to Buy

You must invest in gold bullion for a balanced portfolio but from where to buy is the question. If you are planning to buy gold coins online, you must buy it from a trustworthy bullion dealer. You can do your own research or go by the word of mouth. Bullion For Less is one of the leading bullion dealers in the UK; you can completely bank on them.

They offer free delivery and free storage option is also available with all the purchases at their Cardiff or Swansea facility. They also have four secure and conveniently located branches in South Wales where you may collect your physical stock of bullion with prior arrangements.

Gold Bars or Gold Coins

Gold Bars and gold bullion coins both are available in the market. So if you planning to invest in gold bullion, you can think of investing in both or just buy coins or bars as per your requirement and value of your investment. Your decision will also depend on how long you plan to have them, where you will store them and product premiums. Buying Gold online at Bullion For Less is easy and secure. They offer a comprehensive range of gold bullion products at low margins. Invest in gold bullion for a balanced portfolio and stay insured in the times of economic uncertainty. 

Thursday, 16 August 2018

5 Good Reasons to Buy Gold

1.    History of holding value
Gold has consistently kept its value throughout the ages and is a way to pass on wealth from one generation to the next. It has been precious throughout history but wasn’t used as currency until around 643 BC. From an approximate value of $20.63 in 1929, to an approximate value of $1,302.50 in 2017, the value of gold has risen with the fall in the US dollar. As the dollar falls people turn to invest in the secure, physical gold; as shown between 1998 and 2008 where the price of gold nearly tripled.

2.    Inflation
Gold is a hedge against inflation in the long term because its value rises when the cost of living increases. Unlike money currency and stocks, gold prices soar during high inflation years hence it can serve as a relatively effective inflation hedge, usually accompanied by fears about the current state of the U.S. dollar and the global monetary system.

3.    Deflation
Deflation is a period in which prices decrease, business activity slows, and the economy is burdened by excessive debt. The global deflation, also known as the Great Depression of 1930s, saw the relative purchasing power of gold soar while other prices dropped significantly. Between 1929-33, overall prices fell 31%, yet gold’s purchasing power rose 44%; for even in a depression gold is still precious.

4.    Increasing Demand
An increase in wealth of emerging market economies boosts the demand for gold. Demand for gold has also grown among investors, as many are beginning to see commodities as an investment class into which funds should be allocated.
Synchronised global economic growth, shrinking central bank balance sheets, rising interest rates, insubstantial asset prices and market transparency are key trends which are ensuring gold is maintain its relevance as a strategic asset in 2018. 

5.   Decreasing Supply
Much of the supply of gold in the market since the 1990s has come from sales of gold bullion from the vaults of global central banks. This selling by global central banks slowed greatly in 2008. At the same time, production of new gold from mines had been declining since 2000. Bullion prices are set to climb as a result, due to a lack of exploration and the global industry’s lack of replacing the reserves it has been mining.

All of these factors play a large part in the reasons behind why you should invest in gold. Whether it be to protect your current economic status or to increase your wealth, gold is a valuable, precious element that’s future holds promise and prosperity. For more information on gold bullion visit

Monday, 6 August 2018

What are the Differences between the Gold Coins on the Market?

What are the Differences between the Gold Coins on the Market?

Buying gold coins has long been considered a smart thing to do with your money. It presents pretty much no risk, and there’s always the chance that you end up with something that could be very valuable in the years to come. Gold Coins are VAT FREE so will save you a large amount of money when making your investment as well.

There are plenty of gold coins on the market, and they have their differences. In this blog post, we’ll explain everything you need to know about the different coins available to buy:

Bullion Coins

Firstly, we have the most popular type of gold coin out there; the bullion coin. The value of these coins is determined by two different things. Firstly, the gold content. Secondly, a premium dictated by market conditions. In essence, the higher the gold content, the more expensive and valuable these coins will be. 

We sell this type of coin on our site, including the most popular forms such as the Sovereign, the Britannia, the Krugerrand and the Canadian Maple Leaf. It’s a popular investment choice for many people because these coins are far easier to store than bullion bars, and they present an excellent opportunity for profits in the future. An even greater benefit is that the Sovereign and Britannia coins are Capital Gains Tax Free in the UK, meaning you keep all of the profit that you make on these investments when you decide to sell.

Rare Coins (Numismatic)

Next, we have rare gold coins - often referred to as numismatic coins. These coins are not priced based on their gold content. Instead, it’s more about how rare they are. Other things that come into play involve the condition of the coin, the uniqueness of the design, and when it was minted. 

These are a good option for collectors but can be hard to make a profit on for investors that are looking to trade gold. The more popular a coin is, the more expensive it tends to be as well. The best thing to do if you have one of these coins is to hold onto it until it becomes super rare. 

Commemorative Coins

Finally, we have commemorative coins. These are special coins that are normally released during particular events to commemorate something. Their value is partially determined by the gold content along with how rare these coins are. 

This type of gold coin is probably the worst you can buy. While you’d assume that commemorative coins are rare, they can be far more common than some of the other rare gold coins out there. What’s more, it’s not likely that much gold will be used when making these coins, so their resale value is poor. 

In Summary

So, to sum up, you have three main types of gold coin on the market; bullion coins, numismatic, and commemorative. Bullion coins are valued mainly on the gold content in them, while numismatic ones are more to do with rarity, and commemorative is a combination of the two. 

If you’re looking to buy gold, then we believe bullion coins are your best bet. They present the best opportunity for investors that want to make money by trading gold, and are VAT Free and in the case of Sovereigns and Britannia coins are also Capital Gains Tax Free. We currently sell some of the most sought-after and popular gold coins on the market right now. So, visit to check out our gold coins. 

Friday, 29 June 2018

How to buy and store gold bullion in Wales & England

Investing in gold bullion is an attractive proposition for a whole host of reasons and certainly carries advantages over most other commodities. Before completing your first investment, however, it’s imperative that you know how to buy gold (and potentially store it) in the right fashion. With Bullion For Less, the process has never been simpler.

Why Choose Gold For Your Investment?

When analysing potential investments, appreciating the reasons for choosing a specific commodity is a crucial step en route to success. Gold has been a popular solution for many, many generations and it can be a very productive solution for you too. Here are just some of the reasons why:

     Gold holds its value throughout the generations. Not only does this give you a chance to get out when the time is right, but it also means anything handed over to your children will retain its worth.

     Gold helps you create a diverse portfolio, which can reduce your risks and limit the sense of volatility. 

     Gold supplies have been restricted over the past decade, and it can take 5-10 years for new mines to come into production. This all leads to increasing value.

There are many other incentives for choosing gold as your next investment. The next question is ‘how?’.

Gold Bullion For British Citizens

The process of buying gold bullion can feel like a frustrating affair, but it doesn’t have to be. With Bullion For Less, every step on the journey is easier than you ever imagined. This ultimately leaves you with a fast, clear, and secure transaction that’s suitable for first-time investors through to serious traders.

Whether buying a gold bar that weighs 1 gram or 1 kilo doesn’t matter. Our easy to use site allows you to see the full details including manufacturer, dimensions, fineness and current prices for both single and multiple unit purchases. With live market rates clearly visible too, striking at the right time has never been simpler.

Buying gold bullion from Bullion For Less comes with VAT exemption while free delivery can be provided to any UK address. Or if you prefer, the units can be picked up from any of our four locations (Cardiff, Swansea, Bridgend, Llanelli) too.

Secure payments can be made by card, cash, or bank transfers depending on the value of the transaction. 

Storage Facilities To Keep Your Assets Safe

Given that gold is a physical asset, you need to know that the item is safe as well as the investment itself. Bullion For Less offers free storage at our highly secure Swansea and Cardiff facilities. You can still arrange to collect those items at a later date if required. Alternatively, you can rest easily safe in the knowledge that your assets are under no threat.

As with the transactions themselves, Bullion For Less makes the whole process extremely smooth. Investing in gold has never been easier and, right now, there’s never been a better time to buy. But if you still need some help with your investment, feel free to give us a call today.

Thursday, 17 May 2018

Investing in gold is a promising way forward

Investing in gold is a promising way forward, as the precious metal is becoming sought after by many. Egypt’s second wealthiest man has currently invested half of his entire net worth into gold, and with predictions for gold to rise in future value, this investment is likely to be extremely profitable.

If you are interested in a reliable investment for your own finances, visit Bullion for Less; where you can delve into the wide variety of gold products which they offer. With an investment in gold, you too will be able to reap its future benefits.

Friday, 27 April 2018

What Precious Metals Should I Invest In?

Precious metals have intrinsic value, and offer protection again political financial concerns; carry no risk of inflation themselves; and have the ability to accumulate wealth. They are great investments, although choosing the right type of precious metal to invest in can be difficult. Here are some of the best types of precious metals to invest in:

1.   Gold
Gold is durable and malleable so can be used as a base for jewellery, and as a form of currency.  It is a good precious metal to invest in because it is an asset that doesn’t lose its value. It is therefore a way to preserve your wealth, for future generations or until you choose to sell it. It is also a stable asset, so can keep value in times of systematic financial concern (i.e. when banks are unstable, or there is political instability). Gold prices are also able to sore during times of inflation and times of deflation, unlike ‘paper’ investments. 

2.   Silver
Silver is a store of value likewise to gold, and investing in it will provide you with a real asset that has served as money for centuries. It is an affordable precious metal, cheaper than gold, and is practical to sell because you can invest in small denominations. Global demand for silver is currently increasing and supply is decreasing, so there is no time like the present to invest in this metal as prices of silver are likely to skyrocket in the future. 

3.   Copper
Copper is one of the most useful industrial metals, being used in manufacturing, electrical, and technological industries. Therefore, copper is in huge demand and so the price is inversely affected by industrial use. Due to industry being what shapes continuous development across the globe, it is inevitable that copper will remain valuable at a constant and steady rate. So, by investing in copper you are adding stability to your assists.

4.   Aluminium
Aluminium is used in industry similar to copper, and therefore it is a good metal to invest in because as industrial demand increases so does demand for aluminium. Aluminium prices have been rising slowly but steadily, as it has become one of the most widely used non-ferrous metals to date, making investing in aluminium likely to be a profitable endeavour. 
To invest in any of these precious metals today, or for more information about investing in precious metals, visit phone us on 02920 470506. We will be more than happy to provide you with assistance! 

Monday, 19 March 2018

Diversification: Why Gold Bullion and Coins are a Good Addition to your Investment Portfolio

The key to a healthy investment portfolio is diversity. This is how you balance up risks and ensure that your money is working hard, no matter what the financial climate is like. Gold, in both bullion and coin form, is a good investment to make as it has historically held its value, even in times of financial uncertainty.

Stable Value of Gold

Often called the crisis commodity, gold is one of the most reliable investments to make as its value tends to hold in times of financial and/or geopolitical trouble. This means that while currencies tend to feel the effects of political tensions or a slump in the market, gold can usually be relied upon to keep its value and not be affected by outside issues. In fact, when confidence in a government is low, the value of gold actually rises.

The value of gold also tends to rise with the cost of living. While this might not sound too spectacular, it is actually a huge benefit because it means that the price of gold tends to rise with inflation. This is what holds the price of gold quite steady and makes it a worthy investment most of the time.

Diversify Your Investments and Assets

The first rule of investment is never put all your eggs in one basket; in other words, ensure that you put your money into a few different areas with different levels of risk to ensure that your money works hard without risking too much in potential losses. Gold, in either bullion or coin form is good way to diversify any portfolio because gold tends to offer a stable investment that will hold its value. In fact, gold has a negative correlation with stocks and other financial instruments, gaining value while these assets lose value.

If you plan your investments well, you should end up with a well-balanced portfolio that should stay strong in good times as well as bad. It is for this reason that gold is such a good companion investment to stocks and shares.

Coins or Bullion?
Whether you choose to go for coins or bullion, gold will always make a good investment, especially as a counter-balance to other investment types such as stocks and shares.  Always make sure that you are aware of the current value of gold before you make your investment and only buy from trusted stockists.  A trusted online provider such as can advise you on the current price of gold and give suggestions on bullion or coins as the best investment for you.  In addition when buying from you have the option of storing your gold in either of their state of the art secure storage facilities.  Visit their website or ring them on 02920 470506 and speak with one of the extremely knowledgeable members of staff today!

Tuesday, 27 February 2018

What Does the Gold "Spot" Price Actually Mean?

A spot price is the price that a commodity, such as gold, can be traded and delivered for right on the spot. If you wanted to purchase gold bullion now, then the spot price would be what you’re expected to pay if you bought it online right now. Spot prices are usually measured in single units (often grams or ounces, depending on the country that you are from). For example, if you’re in the United Kingdom, then the “spot price” of gold is referred to in grams. That would be the cost of performing the transaction and having it delivered to you right now. All spot prices are volatile and change depending on many different factors.

Spot prices contrast with futures contracts, which are determined using several factors such as the spot price, expected changes in the supply and demand of a commodity, and also the costs of transportation or storage. Futures contracts are a way for traders and producers to reduce the price risk associated with trading commodities and they can extend several years if needed.

Keep in mind that spot prices refer to the price which one could obtain gold including the transaction of the commodity itself and delivery. The fineness of gold sold by spot price must be at a certain quality.

How Is Spot Price Determined?

The spot price is often determined by a futures contract that extends to the current month. There’s often a lot of guesswork involved when dealing with spot price determination and there are many factors such as the trade volume and past statistics that can go into calculating how much the value of gold can change.

Commodities such as gold and silver are in a constant state of flux due to their markets. It occurs around the clock and the value of these commodities can vary greatly throughout the day. Whether it’s economic data, geopolitical news, events, reserve actions or even the actions of other companies, everything needs to be taken into consideration when it comes to determining the spot price.

If you’re considering investing in a precious metal such as gold, then it’s important to understand just how volatile spot prices can be and how they play a part in prices determined in futures contracts.