Monday, 13 November 2017

Why Copper is a Good Investment?

With the demand of Copper continually increasing, the value will grow with it. It is a good time to invest in this metal and reap the benefits of its value in years to come.

The Copper price provides a consideration in investing. Because Copper is so abundant and its applications continue to grow, the price of Copper is becoming more stable and is sometimes higher depending on the year. We may not think about it, but Copper exists in household items we use every day. Copper is in our electronics, air conditioning units, plumbing applications, machinery, brakes, bearings and radiators. There are many practical uses of Copper and its range of applications is widespread.

Copper is also used heavily in electric car manufacture and the supporting industries. With the UK, France and other major European countries changing to electric & hybrid cars the demand for metals like copper & silver will increase dramatically. The car industry has already been set tough emissions targets in the coming months and years, and every car manufacturer is developing electrified systems to reduce pollution, ranging from mild hybrid 48V systems that can reduce fuel consumption by 10% through to hybrid, plug-in hybrid and fully electric vehicles. In fact, only electrified cars and vans will be sold in the UK from 2040, the Government has announced in a plan published by the Department for Environment, Food & Rural Affairs (Defra). This includes hybrid and plug-in hybrid vehicles that have some electrical propulsion, but means cars with only conventional petrol and diesel engines will go off-sale.

You often hear in the news about Copper theft. Copper is found in air conditioning units, wiring and some security system units. This metal is abundant and coveted by thieves and collectors for good reason. Copper has historically "shaped the history and destiny of the creative and productive output of human beings." (Coin Collecting Enterprise) It is one of the oldest metals and its impact is both profound and essential.

Copper has a unique value in the market because of its wide application base in industrial and monetary ventures. Coupled with a historical narrative, Copper is a low-risk investment that yields high value.

Copper Bullion
Your pennies are made with a small amount of Copper, but there are Copper bullion pieces available with high yields of Copper. Copper has a lower price point than other Precious Metals and it provides users a unique opportunity to invest in metals that work within their budget. Copper bullion is popular and valuable to the coin collector. Copper's history is one aspect of what makes them popular, but no one should forget about the value of Copper itself.

Copper rounds and Copper coins are a good investment vehicle. So are Copper bars and unique Copper shapes. With the demand of Copper continually increasing, the value will grow with it. It is a good time to invest in this metal and reap the benefits of its value in years to come. It is very difficult to source “Bullion Grade” Copper with the 999.9 purity. Not many companies stock and supply it, but you can get this grade from Visit our website or give us a ring and let us explain more about investing in this unique metal.

Sunday, 12 November 2017

Gold, Is it a Smart Investment?

Gold, Is it a Smart Investment?

Gold has been around for centuries and was once the main way people paid for things. Nowadays, we have regular money, but does that make gold obsolete? There’s still a lot of gold out there and many people like to buy it as an investment. What we’re interested to know is if investing in gold is a smart thing to do?

There are two main types of gold you can invest in nowadays; bars or coins.  In truth, there’s nothing to determine if one of these is better than the other. Gold bars tend to represent better value for money when purchasing, but one gold bar can equate to multiple gold coins. With a bar, you can only sell the entire bar. With coins, you can buy a load and sell a portion of them if you want. So, it’s a toss-up between value for money and flexibility. Ideally, you should invest in both types to keep your portfolio strong.

This brings us back to the original point of whether or not gold is a smart investment. Here are some of the main reasons it might be a clever investment for you:

Gold Holds Its Value

Gold is one of the few investments that will hold its value over time. There is a finite supply of gold in the world, it’s not something you can just create like money. This means it’s constantly in a state of rarity, which helps hold its value. Even in periods where the price of gold is low, it remains a valuable investment with room to grow.

Gold Prices Are Low Right Now

Speaking of which, gold prices are at the lowest they’ve been in years right now. Any good investor will tell you this makes it a very smart time to buy gold bars and coins. You can get a lot more for your money now, and who knows how much it may cost a few years down the line.

Gold Can Easily Be Liquidated

Countries all over the world use gold and liquidate it into cash. This makes it desirable for many people, which provides you with an investment you can easily sell whenever you want to, and get any type of currency in return.

Gold Value Increases During Inflation

It’s a well-known fact that the value of gold goes up when inflation hits the economy. As we currently sit through rocky Brexit negotiations, many financial experts are predicting inflation could rise in the coming years. It’s already started, which means gold is a smart investment to make during these troublesome economic times.

It’s clear that gold is still a smart investment in 2017. However, this is only if you invest in physical gold bars or coins. Don’t buy stocks or shares in gold companies -  that won’t help you see the benefits. Buying the real stuff gives you a physical asset you can hold onto, store easily, and sell for profit at a later date. As a bonus, buying investment grade gold is stamp-duty and VAT free and the profit on some types of gold aren’t taxed when you sell them, meaning you get more money!

At Bullion For Less we have a variety of gold bars and coins for sale so you can purchase an excellent mix of products to keep your portfolio nicely balanced.  We can advise you if you need help as well, and can even offer secure storage for your gold!

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