Monday, 19 March 2018

Diversification: Why Gold Bullion and Coins are a Good Addition to your Investment Portfolio

The key to a healthy investment portfolio is diversity. This is how you balance up risks and ensure that your money is working hard, no matter what the financial climate is like. Gold, in both bullion and coin form, is a good investment to make as it has historically held its value, even in times of financial uncertainty.

Stable Value of Gold

Often called the crisis commodity, gold is one of the most reliable investments to make as its value tends to hold in times of financial and/or geopolitical trouble. This means that while currencies tend to feel the effects of political tensions or a slump in the market, gold can usually be relied upon to keep its value and not be affected by outside issues. In fact, when confidence in a government is low, the value of gold actually rises.

The value of gold also tends to rise with the cost of living. While this might not sound too spectacular, it is actually a huge benefit because it means that the price of gold tends to rise with inflation. This is what holds the price of gold quite steady and makes it a worthy investment most of the time.

Diversify Your Investments and Assets

The first rule of investment is never put all your eggs in one basket; in other words, ensure that you put your money into a few different areas with different levels of risk to ensure that your money works hard without risking too much in potential losses. Gold, in either bullion or coin form is good way to diversify any portfolio because gold tends to offer a stable investment that will hold its value. In fact, gold has a negative correlation with stocks and other financial instruments, gaining value while these assets lose value.

If you plan your investments well, you should end up with a well-balanced portfolio that should stay strong in good times as well as bad. It is for this reason that gold is such a good companion investment to stocks and shares.

Coins or Bullion?
Whether you choose to go for coins or bullion, gold will always make a good investment, especially as a counter-balance to other investment types such as stocks and shares.  Always make sure that you are aware of the current value of gold before you make your investment and only buy from trusted stockists.  A trusted online provider such as can advise you on the current price of gold and give suggestions on bullion or coins as the best investment for you.  In addition when buying from you have the option of storing your gold in either of their state of the art secure storage facilities.  Visit their website or ring them on 02920 470506 and speak with one of the extremely knowledgeable members of staff today!